GLIFWC's Model Food Code Project

This project is meant to assist tribal harvesters, food handlers, food processors, food managers, regulatory staff, leadership, and community members in making decisions around building a food system that includes traditional foods and provides for the sale of those food within and beyond reservation borders. Please note that the rules and standards contained herein consist of a model regulation and will not be considered enforceable unless ratified by a tribal governing body. The information provided is current as of publishing date listed on the document. Items without dates are current as of September 10th, 2020.

Food Harvester & Handler

Below you will find relevant documents for harvesting and handling treaty reserved traditional foods.

Food Manager & Regulator

Below you will find relevant documents for food processors, food managers, and food regulators in regards to treaty reserved traditional foods.

Training Manual

The training manual found here is the manual used for the 2020 Food Harvester & Handler training and the 2020 Food Manager & Regulator trainings. The manual can be downloaded in whole or in sections.

Training Manual Sections:

Posters and Brochures


2020 Community Interest Webinars