Harvester Harassment

The interactive map, and information provided on this page, are intended to be used as an informational tool for tribal members to research the areas they intend to hunt, fish, or gather for past incidents of reported tribal member harvester harassment. Documenting future incidents of harvester harassment and informing tribal members and the general public of past incidents will hopefully lead to a more successful and safe harvest. In addition, reporting these harassment incidents will increase awareness of the ongoing threat harvesters face while engaging in treaty reserved rights to hunt, fish, and gather in the Ceded Territories.

If you are harassed while exercising your treaty rights, follow the "The Four C's".

Harvester Harassment Reporting Form

Harvester Harassment Map*

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Firearm discharge or fireworks

Throwing objects



*Please note that some incidents at waterbodies were plotted using the waterbody centroid coordinates and are not the exact location of the incident.

Table of Reported Harvester Harassment

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State County Waterbody Year Notes
WIOneidaSand Lake2023Bar patrons yelling profanities and racial comments to harvesters
MIBaragaNot on water2023Harassing harvester by flying drone and following them
WIOneidaCrescent Lake2023Man and woman yelling profanities at harvesters
WIMarathonBig Eau Plaine Resevoir2023Individuals yelling profanities at harvesters
WIOneidaDam Lake2022gunshots heard by creel team and spearing parties
WISawyerWhitefish Lake2022spearing party reported fireworks being shot off after being asked about fishing.
WIOneidaSquirrel Lake2022gunshots heard by creel team and spearing parties
WIOneidaPlanting Ground Lake2022reports of being yelled at by female landowner
WIIronTrude Lake2022boat traveling with no lights and throwing garbage in the water
WIOneidaMedicine Lake2022spearing party verbally harassed by other boat on lake
WIPolk CountyCedar Lake2021A non-tribal boating party returned to the landing as the spearing party arrived and began making several anti-native american/spearing comments to the tribal spearfishing party.
WIPrice CountySolberg Lake2021Two individuals made several derogatory remarks to the creel team about native americans and spearing.
WISawyer CountyLost Land Lake2021An individual standing on shore shined a bright light at the spearing party.
MNMille Lacs CountyLake Mille Lacs2021Several individuals were reported to have thrown objects at the spearing party as well as, shouted profanities, anti-native american/spearing comments, made threats of violence, and one individual inappropriately exposed himself to the spearing party.
WIVilas CountyTrout Lake2021Repeated shining of a bright light at the spearing party, shouting profanities.
WIPolk CountyBalsam Lake2021Two vehicles drove past the landing and shouted profanities at the creel team.
WIIronTurtle Flambeau Flowage2020A motorboat without lights on circled the spearing party creating a large wake, verbal.
WIVilasBig Lake2020Firearm discharged, verbal.
WILangladeEnterprise Lake2020Rock-throwing, fireworks, verbal.
MIBaragaHuron Bay2020Two different locations/streams. Tires slashed on parked vehicles as members were spearing steelhead.
WISawyerChippewa Flowage2020Creel team reported hearing multiple gunshots in the distance.
WISawyerTigercat Flowage2020Disgruntled individual(s) - erratic driving at a high rate of speed in the boat landing parking lot.
MINorth Entry2020Rocks thrown to scare fish away. Firearm discharged near spear fishing monitor (estimated 20-30 yards away).
WILincolnJersey City Flowage2020Disgruntled individual tossed creel workers lantern into the water.
WIOneidaSquirrel Lake2020Bright light shined at spearing party from shore.
MIHoughtonDollar Bay2020Verbal - Profanities directed toward spearing boats along US-41.
WIVilasLittle St. Germain Lake2020Firearm discharged, verbal.
MIHoughtonPike Bay2019Verbal, rocks thrown several feet in front of wading spearers.
WIOneidaPelican Lake2019Rock-throwing, verbal.
WIVilasCatfish Lake2019Rock-throwing, verbal.
MIHoughtonPike Bay Landing2018Apple thrown at member spearing.
MIHoughtonPike Bay20172-3 instances of spotlights being shined at members as they were spearing.
MIHoughtonPike Bay Landing2017Verbal.
WISawyerBig Lac Courte Oreilles Lake2017Bright lights shined at spearing party, verbal.
WISawyerChippewa Flowage2017GLIFWC Wardens heard multiple gunshots nearby.
WISawyerChippewa Flowage, South CC Landing2017Vehicle driving erratically in the parking lot of the landing.
MIHoughtonPortage Lake2016Rocks and sticks thrown into the water to scare fish away and shining bright lights at the spearing party.
MIMarquetteLower Harbor, Marquette2016Net tampering, confrontation on the water and at the landing. Reported by GLIFWC Warden.
MIHoughtonLower Pike Bay2016Shining lights into members eyes as they were spearing.
MIHoughtonDollar Bay2015KBIC Fisheries staff reported an instance of a large screw being inserted into their boat trailer tire.
MIHoughtonDollar Bay2015Verbal, shining headlights at members spearing.
MIHoughtonLower Pike Bay2015Shining lights into member’s eyes as they were spearing.
WIBurnettNorth Sand Lake2015Firearm discharged, verbal.
WIVilasBig Gibson Lake2014Firearm discharged.
WIOneidaTomahawk Lake2014Shining light at spearing party.
WIVilasCatfish Lake2014Rock-throwing, verbal.
WIVilasOxbow Lake2014Firearm discharged, fireworks.
WIForestRoberts Lake2012Firearm discharged, verbal.
WIOneidaBig Stone Lake2009Disgruntled individual arrived at landing with a firearm, verbal.
WILincolnMohawksin Flowage2009Firearm discharged, verbal.
WIOneidaThree Little Lakes2009Incident details unknown.
WISawyerWhitefish Lake2009Incident details unknown
WIWashburnBass Patterson Lake2009Incident details unknown.
WIVilasEagle Lake2009Firearm discharged, verbal.
WIOneidaKawaguesaga Flowage2009Firearm discharged, verbal.
WIVilasBig Lake2008Firearm discharged.
WIOneidaCrescent Lake2008Firearm discharged.
WIVilasCatfish Lake2007Rock-throwing, verbal.
WIBayfieldLake Namekagon2006Incident details unknown
WIForestRoberts Lake2006Firearm discharged, verbal.
WIRuskPulaski Lake2005Incident details unknown
WIDouglasLake Nebagamon2005Incident details unknown.
WISawyerBig Lac Courte Oreilles Lake2005Incident details unknown.
WIVilasCatfish Lake2005Rock-throwing, verbal.