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2021 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: PFAS in Gichigami smelt; Wisconsin Wolf Season; Leeks; Anishinaabe Insights; Deer; Bear; Turkey; Elk; Ice Rescue; Invasives; Mercury Maps; Maajii-Ojibwemowag; Sea Lamprey; Buffalo Reef; TEK; Climate Change; Walking On2021Ziigwan (Spring)
2021 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: PFAS in Gichigami smelt; Wisconsin Wolf Season; Leeks; Anishinaabe Insights; Deer; Bear; Turkey; Elk; Ice Rescue; Invasives; Mercury Maps; Maajii-Ojibwemowag; Sea Lamprey; Buffalo Reef; TEK; Climate Change; Walking On2021Ziigwan (Spring)
2020 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2020Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2020 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Managing harvester harassment, all ages Ojibwemowin, Red Cliff Fish Company, Ma'iingan, makwa indoodem, Healing Circle Run, Mikwendaagoziwag 2020Biboon (Winter)
2020 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Climate Change, Wild Rice, Whitetails, Elk, CWD, Tribal Colleges2020Dagwaagin (Fall)
2020 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Updated Mercury Maps; Sucker, walleye mercury levels; Native perspectives in DC; Whitetail, harvest research2020Ziigwan (Spring)
2020 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: waabizheshiwag, ojiigag, life during pandemic, spring fishing season success2020Niibin (Summer)
2020 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2020 Phenology Calendar2020Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2019 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2019 Calendar2019Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2019 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Carp impacts widespread; Miijim & gii-igoshimowin; The Future of ma'iingan2019Niibin (Summer)
2019 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Sugarbush, Fishing seasons; Learning about tribes in Minnesota; The skinny on ogaawag2019Ziigwan (Spring)
2019 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Saving Buffalo Reef; Bandolier bags; Phenology calendar returns2019Biboon (Winter)
2019 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Healing Circle Run; Chronic Wasting Disease, Walleyes in science & society2019Dagwaagin (Fall)
2018 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Omashkooz hunting success; Ojibwe foods in science, law & lore; Mining in Ojibwe Country2018Biboon (Winter)
2018 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Strawberry Moon; Deer, Human Health Risks; Eyes on Ogaawag2018Niibin (Summer)
2018 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2018 Phenology Calendar2018Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2018 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Mercury Contamination; Open Water Fishing; Ceded Territory Phenology2018Ziigwan (Spring)
2018 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Youth Explore Culture & Science; Elk, Deer & Manoomin Seasons; New Releases by Native Authors2018Dagwaagin (Fall)
2017 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Understanding Climate Impacts; Manoomin Round Up; Giigoonh Research2017Biboon (Winter)
2017 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2017 Calendar2017Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2017 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Walleye Surveys and Harvest; Sharp-Tailed Grouse; Manoomin Abundance2017Niibin (Summer)
2017 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Elk Reintroduction; Birch Bark - Wiigwaas; Walleye & Lake Trout Research 2017Dagwaagin (Fall)
2017 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Great Lakes Research; Youth Camps; Deer, Hares & Black Bears2017Ziigwan (Spring)
2016 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: State of the Tribes; Culturally Responsive Education; CAFO2016Ziigwan (Spring)
2016 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2016 Phenology Calendar2016Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2016 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Paper Birch Threatened; Youth Outreach; Ojibwemowin2016Biboon (Winter)
2016 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Marten Mystery; Walleye Season2016Niibin (Summer)
2016 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Minnesota Treaty Resources; Waawaashkeshi Season; Manoomin Success2016Dagwaagin (Fall)
2015 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: GTac Withdraws Mining Plans; Ogaa; Sugarbush2015Niibin (Summer)
2015 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Ma'iingan; the Art of Subsistence; Manoomin Sulfate Levels2015Ziigwan (Spring)
2015 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Night Hunt; Manoomin Chiefs Gather; Clans2015Biboon (Winter)
2015 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Mille Lacs Walleye; St. Louis Watershed; Forest Invasives2015Dagwaagin (Fall)
2015 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2015 Calendar; Anishinaabe Star Spirit2015Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2014 Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Mazina'igan: Climate Change; Mille Lacs Walleye Decline; Stamp Sands2014Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer)
2014 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Emerald Ash Borer; Fond du Lac Manoomin; Mine Haul Roads2014Dagwaagin (Fall)
2014 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: Exploring a Watershed with Tommy Sky; A Sequel to Growing Up Ojibwe2014Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
2014 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2014 Calendar2014Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2014 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Night Hunt; Hunter Stories; Manoomin Season2014Biboon (Winter)
2014 Niibin (Summer) Supplement Mazina'igan: 25th Anniversary of the 1989 Anishinaabe Solidarity Relay2014Niibin (Summer) Supplement
2013 Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Mazina'igan: Mining; Martin Research at Mille Lacs; Act 312013Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer)
2013 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Wiigwaas; Night Hunt; Moose Research2013Dagwaagin (Fall)
2013 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Mining in the Penokees; Phragmites; Forests Under Threat2013Biboon (Winter)
2013 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2013 Calendar2013Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2012 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Ma'iingan; Restoring Native Plants in MI; Water Quality2012Biboon (Winter)
2012 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Manoomin Outlook; Stamp Sands; Black Ash Baskets2012Dagwaagin (Fall)
2012 Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Supplement Mazina'igan: Iron Mining in the Lake Superior Region2012Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Supplement
2012 Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Mazina'igan: GLRI; Spring Fishing; "Wetlands of Importance"2012Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer)
2012 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: Memengwaa Niim’idiwins or Butterfly Dance2012Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2011 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: The Nature of Plants2011Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2011 Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Mazina'igan: Bizhibayaash Recognized Nationally; Moose Management; Manoomin Research2011Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer)
2011 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: "Changing Climate...Changing Culture" Exhibits; Gichigami Assessments; Manoomin2011Biboon (Winter)
2011 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Namé in Lake Superior; Water Walkers; Miinan2011Dagwaagin (Fall)
2010 Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Mazina'igan: Climate Change; 20 Years of Electrofishing Surveys; Anishinaabe Star Knowledge2010Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer)
2010 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: KBIC Youth Immerse in Natural Resource Program; Cormorant Control; Summer Camps2010Dagwaagin (Fall)
2010 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: Iskigamizigan (Maple Sugar Camp)2010Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2010 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: LVD Manoomin; CWD; Namé2010Biboon (Winter)
2009 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 2009 Calendar2009Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2009 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Trapping; Adikamig; Lead Damages2009Ziigwan (Spring)
2009 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Walleye Harvest Record; Invasive Weed Eradication; "Partners in Conservation Award"2009Niibin (Summer)
2009 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: GLIFWC's 25th 'Minwaajimo'; "Partners in Fishing"; Summer Interns2009Dagwaagin (Fall)
2009 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Mining; Lake Trout Assessments; Marten Research2009Biboon (Winter)
2009 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Spearfishing with Tommy Sky; A sequel to Growing Up Ojibwe2009Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
2009 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: Anishinabe Style Beaded Medallion pattern2009Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2008 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: Wenaboozhoo finds manoomin, Gathering & regulations, Processing manoomin, Ecology & management, Nutritional information; Manoomin life cycle, Manoomin recipes2008Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
2008 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Old Style Anishinabe Split Toe Moccasins2008Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
2008 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Lead in Venison; Fish Decoys; VHS Continues its Spread2008Dagwaagin (Fall)
2008 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: Anishinabe Minjikaawanag: The Ojibwe Mittens2008Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
2008 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: GLIFWC Hosts AKRC; Fishing for the Elderly; Declining Moose Populations in MN2008Niibin (Summer)
2008 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: MI Elk Hunt; Ma'iingan; Fish Waste Composting2008Ziigwan (Spring)
2008 Niibin (Summer) Supplement Mazina'igan: Contemporary Style Ojibwe Moccasins 2008Niibin (Summer) Supplement
2008 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Waabizheshi Transplant; GLIFWC Warden Bill; Tribal - Forest Service MOU2008Biboon (Winter)
2007 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: VHS Disease; Walleye Harvest Hits New High; Geographic Place Names in the MI 1836 Ceded Territory2007Niibin (Summer)
2007 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: Ricing with Tommy Sky; A Sequel to Growing Up Ojibwe2007Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
2007 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: State of the Tribes; Feds Delist Ma'iigan; Namaycush Abundance2007Ziigwan (Spring)
2007 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Drought in Ojibwe Country; Sturgeon in the Bad River; Women's Water Song2007Dagwaagin (Fall)
2007 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: 1836 Tribes Sign Inland Consent Decree; WI Senate & Assembly Pass GLIFWC Warden Bill; Tribes at Forefront of Natural Resources Management2007Biboon (Winter)
2006 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: Ajijaak2006Biboon (Winter) Supplement
2006 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Zorn Appointed GLIFWC Executive Administrator; Climate Change; Voigt: Reflections from 'Uncle Leo'2006Ziigwan (Spring)
2006 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: International Mercury Conference; Racism in the Mille Lacs Region; Commercial Fishing in Gichigami2006Biboon (Winter)
2006 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Gaag Population; Basswood Gathering; Teachings about Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, and Gathering2006Dagwaagin (Fall)
2006 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spring Fishing; Honoring James H. Schlender; Native Plants for Gardening and Landscaping2006Niibin (Summer)
2006 Niibin (Summer) Supplement Mazina'igan: Iskigamizigan (Sugarbush): A Sequel to Growing up Ojibwe2006Niibin (Summer) Supplement
2005 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Mille Lacs Lake. Shared Fishery, Treaty History, Minnesota 1837 Treaty Cases, Mille Lacs Band History, 2005Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
2005 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: Lake Superior Fishery Management, The Ojibwe and Gichigami, Co-Management on Gichigami, Lake Superior Treaty Fishing, Fish Modeling, Lake Superior Assessments2005Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
2005 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Elk Numbers Stall; GLIFWC Recognized as an "Invader Crusader"; 15 Years of Joint Fisheries Assessment Work in WI2005Dagwaagin (Fall)
2005 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Great Lakes Declaration; The Great Lakes Awash in Policies; Waabizheshi2005Ziigwan (Spring)
2005 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: What's lurking in our waters?2005Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
2005 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spring at the Boat Landings; Butternut Lake Legacy Lives On; State of Wisconsin Eliminates Deer Management Unit 52005Niibin (Summer)
2005 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: ANA Grant Seeks to Market Lake Superior Fish; Governor Doyle Recognizes Tribal Commitment to Resources; Zaagajiiwe (Jim Schlender) Walks On2005Biboon (Winter)
2004 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spearing and Netting Season; The Rough Road to Steelhead Trout; Using Apakwaanaatig2004Niibin (Summer)
2004 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: ANA Grant to Produce Map and Guidebook of Plant & Wildlife Species; GLIFWC Enforcement Veteran Receives High Honors; Law Enforcement and CWD in the Ceded Territories2004Biboon (Winter)
2004 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Ice Fishing on Lac Vieux Desert; Wild Turkeys Released in WI; Preventing CWD in WI2004Ziigwan (Spring)
2004 Niibin (Summer) Supplement Mazina'igan: Migiziwag mobile2004Niibin (Summer) Supplement
2004 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Great Lakes Water Protection, Wild Rice Restoration on Lac Vieux Desert Lake, Gitigaan Projects2004Dagwaagin (Fall)
2003 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spring fishing; Traditional foods; Mille Lacs walleye tagging study; Tribal hatcheries; Water walkers; Lake sturgeon2003Niibin (Summer)
2003 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: MI 1836 Treaty Tribes Prepare to Defend Reserved Rights; Tribes Buy Nicolet Mineral Company and Mine Site Land; Dick Gurnoe Walks On2003Biboon (Winter)
2003 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: State Over-harvest of Furbearers in WI; Invasive Plants; Looking Back with Red Cliff's Dick Gurnoe2003Dagwaagin (Fall)
2003 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Oak Island Deer; Spears, Decoys, and Teepees; Cooperative Mercury Sampling of Surface Waters near the Site of the Proposed Crandon Mine2003Ziigwan (Spring)
2002 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Ogaa: Make a Healthy Choice2002Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
2002 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: MN Exceeds Walleye Quota; CWD; Fishery Assessments; Kentuck Lake; Mining; Protect the Earth Gathering; Invasive Species; Giizhik; Circle of Flight 2002Dagwaagin (Fall)
2002 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Mille Lacs Walleye Tagging Study; Meddling with Manoomin; Spring Treaty Harvest2002Niibin (Summer)
2002 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Oak Island Treaty Hunt; Gathering; Sandy Lake; TRIAD; Environmental Issues; Invasive Species; Great Lakes Assessments; MOU; CWD; ANA Ojibwe Language Grant2002Biboon (Winter)
2002 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Mille Lacs Lake Quota; Waabizheshi (Pine Marten); Walleye Tagging; Mining; CWD2002Ziigwan (Spring)
2002 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: Tribal sugarbush and birch bark gathering sites on national forest lands2002Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
2001 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: LVD & Mille Lacs Walleye Fishing; Electrofishing Assessments; Sugarbush; Mechanical Rice Harvesting; Medicinal Plants; Noxious Weeds; KBIC Fishing2001Niibin (Summer)
2001 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Tribes and State Manage Shared Mille Lacs Fishery; Tanning Hides; Clean Water Act; Lamprey; Mille Lacs State of the Band Address2001Ziigwan (Spring)
2001 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: Spearfishing, Fish Hatcheries, Spring netting, Gathering, Wenabozoo & Wiigwaasi-mitigoog stories, Pow wow, language camp, Waynaboozhoo and the new earth, kid's activities2001Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
2001 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Trap Netting; Lake Trout Tagging; September 11; Fishery Introduction; Elk & Moose2001Biboon (Winter)
2001 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Bobcat Quota; Sandy Lake; Sturgeon; HACCP; Lake Trout Spawning in Lake Superior; Siscowet Assessments2001Dagwaagin (Fall)
2001 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Mikwendaagoziwag - We Remember Them2001Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
2000 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Spearing; Turkeys; Lynx; Environmental Issues; Waawaashkeshi; Ma'iingan; Siscowet Assessment; Great Lakes Water Removal2000Ziigwan (Spring)
2000 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spearing; Lake Trout Survey; Musky Fishing; Kentuck Lake; Sturgeon; Marten2000Niibin (Summer)
2000 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Building the Sandy Lake Monument; Hunter Education; Mille Lacs Assessments; Waawaashkeshi; Manoomin; TEK; Turkey; Aabanaabam Conference2000Biboon (Winter)
2000 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Waawaashkeshi; Walleye Surveys on Mille Lacs Lake; A Walk to Remember; Electrofishing; Coast Guard MOU; Siscowet Assessments; LaMP 2000 Document; Great Lakes Cleanup; Wiigwaasi-mitoog; Black Ash Baskets; Sweetgrass2000Dagwaagin (Fall)
2000 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: How to Enjoy Fish Safely2000Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
1999 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: St Croix Park Deer Hunt; Tribes/County Partnership; Waawaashkeshi; ELF; MOU; Wintergreen; Manoomin; Environmental Issues1999Biboon (Winter)
1999 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spearing; Trumpeter Swan Reintroduction; 1837 Favorable Ruling; Fishery Assessments; Lake Sturgeon; Mercury in Fish; Sharp-Tail Grouse; Manoomin Conference; Kentuck Lake; Partners in Fishing; Sandy Lake1999Niibin (Summer)
1999 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Great Lakes Water Removal; Sage; Manoomin; Waterfall Season; Waawaashkeshi; Treaty Rights Q&A; Mille Lacs Decision; Wild Plant Gathering; Hatcheries1999Dagwaagin (Fall)
1999 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: The Waabanong Run from Wisconsin to D.C. - A Prayer in Support of Treaties1999Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
1999 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: MOU; Remembering Walter Bresette; Spearing/Netting; Spring Assessments; 1837 Treaty Case; PERM; Gathering; Kentuck Lake; Mining1999Ziigwan (Spring)
1998 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: NRB Passes Emergency Order; Fisher Population Crash; Strickland Report; Spring Spearing Season; Fishery Assessment (Harassment); Kentuck Lake1998Niibin (Summer)
1998 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: MN and WI Harvest Declarations; Logging Impacts; Kentuck Lake; Omega 3; Traditional Outdoor Skills1998Ziigwan (Spring)
1998 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Fisher Population; 1837 Treaty Case; Fish Surveys; Ma'iingan; Elk; Waterfall; Manoomin1998Dagwaagin (Fall)
1998 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Numae an Kabapikotawangog, Name, Sturgeon, Treaty Rights, Lake of the Woods, Treaty #3, Lake of the Woods, 1998Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
1998 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Waabanong Run; Treaty Rights on Trial; Anisinaabe Akii Protocol; Waawaashkeshi; Waterfall; Giizhik1998Biboon (Winter)
1997 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: History of the 1837 Treaty Case; Provisions of the Phase II Judgment; Implementation Plans for Fishery and Wildlife; Reductions of Sport Harvest; Traditional Methods; Cooperative Enforcement; Regulations1997Ziigwan (Spring)
1997 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Kabapikotawangag Resource Council (Cedar Island Protocol); Mining; Kentuck Lake; Traditional Healing Practices; Elk1997Dagwaagin (Fall)
1997 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: 1837 Treaty Appeal; Mille Lacs Lake Ceremonial Harvest; Spearing; Casting Light Upon the Waters1997Niibin (Summer)
1997 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: 1st MN 1837 Hunt; Gathering; Trapping; Red Cliff Elder Hunt; Manoomin1997Biboon (Winter)
1997 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Baapiniziwaagan! maji-mashkiki: Beware! bad medicine (mercury)1997Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
1997 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: 1837 Treaty Litigation: A Review of the Minnesota 1837 Treaty Case1997Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
1996 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: 1996 Calendar1996Biboon (Winter) Supplement
1996 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Ogichidaa Block On-Rez Railway; White Pine Mine; Manoomin; Sweet Flag & Sweetgrass; Understory Plant Study1996Dagwaagin (Fall)
1996 Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement Mazina'igan: Sulfide Mining: The Process & The Price - A Tribal & Ecological Perspective1996Ziigwan (Spring) Supplement
1996 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Lake Trout Stocking; Red Cliff Elderly Hunt; Waawaashkeshi; Turtles; Bobcat; Fisher, and Pine Marten; Crandon Mining Company; Exxon; Bad River Protests Transport of Sulfuric Acid Across the Reservation1996Biboon (Winter)
1996 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Bad River Train Tracks; Winterkill on Lakes; Electrofishing; Sulfide Mining; Crandon Mine; Exxon; Understory Plants1996Niibin (Summer)
1996 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Waawaashkeshi; Electrofishing; Clean Water Act; Menominee Treaty Case; Traditional Foods; KB Hatchery; GLIFWC Moves into Chief Blackbird Center1996Ziigwan (Spring)
1995 Biboon (Winter) Supplement Mazina'igan: Calendar1995Biboon (Winter) Supplement
1995 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Strawberry Island; Protect the Earth; Tribal Natural Resource Programs; Turtle Farm Permit; Wa-Swa-Goning Village1995Dagwaagin (Fall)
1995 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Subsistance Hunting; Manoomin; Crandon Mine; NCAI; ON F.I.R.E.; IJC; Assembly 4881995Biboon (Winter)
1995 Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer) Mazina'igan: Electrofishing; Spearfishing; Joint Assessments; Partners; Stocking; LaMP; Environmental Issues; Mille Lacs Treaty Case; Understory Plants; Manoomin; Elk1995Ziigwan/Niibin (Spring/Summer)
1994 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Mining; Harassment during Electrofishing; Walleye Exploitation Study; Spearfishing; KBIC Stocking; Crandon Mine1994Niibin (Summer)
1994 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: 1837 Treaty Rights Re-affirmed; Manoomin; Ruffed Grouse; Waterfall Issues; Sturgeon; Mining; Sweetgrass; Summer Interns; Ecosystem Stewardship Program1994Dagwaagin (Fall)
1994 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Exxon; Water Keepers; Crandon Mining Company; Lake Superior Fishery; Mercury; GLIFWC History; Self-Regulation; Anti-Indian Protests1994Ziigwan (Spring)
1994 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Sulfuric Metallic Mining; NCAI; Inouye Addresses NCAI; Mining; Moose; Marten and Fisher; PCBs in Lake Superior Fish1994Biboon (Winter)
1994 Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement Mazina'igan: The Heart of the Matter Mole Lake & Mining1994Dagwaagin (Fall) Supplement
1993 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: Bobcat Population; Save Lake Mille Lacs Association; Environmental Issues; River Ruffe; Commercial Fishing; GLIFWCs Strategic Plan; GLIFWC Divisions; Ojibwe Star Lore1993Biboon (Winter)
1993 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Mercury in Walleye; Minnesota v. Mille Lacs Band; Commercial Fishing at Keweenaw Bay; Stop Treaty Abuse Trial; Crazy Horse Beer Ban; Act 31 Review; Mining in Wisconsin; Fall Electrofishing1993Dagwaagin (Fall)
1993 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spearing Season; 1837 Treaty Litigation; Hunting and Angling Club; Howard Hanson; Dean Crist; STA; PARR; Racism; Wild Plants1993Niibin (Summer)
1993 Late Winter Mazina'igan: Midwest Treaty Network; Mining; Crandon Mine; IJC; MOU; NCAI; Environmental1993Late Winter
1992 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: NCAI; Waawaashkeshi; Spearing; Fishery Assessments; NAFWS; River Ruffe; Sturgeon; Environmental Issues; Walleye Stocking; Manoomin; FdL Treaty Rights Affirmed; 1837 Treaty Dispute1992Dagwaagin (Fall)
1992 Niibin (Summer) Mazina'igan: Spring Spearing; Tribal Hatcheries; 1837 Treaty Rights; Spearfishing and Local Tourism Economies; Anti-Indian Organizations; STA; MN Hunting and Angling Club; Mining; Fish Consumption Advisory; Lamprey; Sugarbush1992Niibin (Summer)
1992 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Wisconsin Inland Fishery Assessments; Cooperative Resource Management; Spearfishing; Sharp-Tail Grouse Study; Mascots; Mille Lacs State of the Band; Cross-Deputization in Minnesota & Wisconsin1992Ziigwan (Spring)
1991 June/July Mazina'igan: Fish for the Future; 1991 Spearfishing; Cooperative Projects; Environmental Issues; Indian Curriculum1991June/July
1991 Biboon (Winter) Mazina'igan: NCAI; 1991 Highlights; Wisconsin Fisher/Marten Populations; Toxic Dumping Threatens Native Lands1991Biboon (Winter)
1991 June/July Supplement Mazina'igan: Replenishing the Fishery: Chippewa Tribal Hatcheries1991June/July Supplement
1991 February/March Mazina'igan: Tribes Release Fish Quotas: LdF Announces Reduction; Mine Reform Bill Supported; Catholics Look at Racism in WI; Looking to the Landings; Profile: Anti-Indian Groups1991February/March
1991 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Environmental Issues; Anti-Treaty Movement; Treaty Support; Wild Rice Reseeding; Casting Light Upon the Waters; Flambeau Mine1991Dagwaagin (Fall)
1991 February/March Supplement Mazina'igan: Anishinabe Today1991February/March Supplement
1990 Dagwaagin (Fall) Mazina'igan: Joint Fishery Assessment; WCA Update; 1990 Spearing Season; NAFWS News; Tribes on Mining; Environmental Issues; Anti-Treaty Movement 1990Dagwaagin (Fall)
1990 November/December Mazina'igan: HONOR Takes Issue with WCA; Tribes Object to Emergency Rules; Mining Protested; The Right to be Different; GLIFWC Conference Review; LCO Ojibwa School1990November/December
1990 Ziigwan (Spring) Mazina'igan: Tribal/Community cooperative projects; GLIFWC/DNR joint projects; GLIFWC mercury level survey; Joint predator study; Letters to the Editor; Spearing review1990Ziigwan (Spring)
1987 January Mazina'igan: Lake Trout Stocking; Nuclear Waste Update; EPA Conference; Trapping Report: Part II; Traditional Workshop1987January
1986 July Mazina'igan: 1986July
1986 August Mazina'igan: Earl on Voigt; GLITC; Anti-Indian Movement; Water Quality Hearings; Chinook Salmon; Mercury Advisory1986August
1986 February Mazina'igan: NCAI; Nuke Waste; LdF Supplement1986February
1986 October Mazina'igan: 1986October
1986 May Mazina'igan: Co-Management; Spring Fishing; VOIGT Task Force Responds to Meyer; Bay Mills Supplement1986May
1986 September Mazina'igan: 1986September
1986 March Mazina'igan: DNR/Tribes Work at Spearing Agreement; GLIFWC Biological Reports; Nuke Waste1986March
1986 January Mazina'igan: Review of Negotiations; Besadny's Response; Lake Superior Fishery; Rights' Protection; White Earth1986January
1986 April Mazina'igan: ERFE Rally; WIRC/RACISM; DOE Hearing; Lake Superior Issues; Trout Unlimited; NAFWS Conference; 1837 Treaty1986April
1985 June Mazina'igan: Obey's New Move; BIA Speaks Out; LCO Supplement1985June
1985 January Supplement Mazina'igan: The Continuing Saga of Voigt1985January Supplement
1985 January Mazina'igan: Voigt Decision in Review1985January
1985 July/August Mazina'igan: '85 Deer agreement; Equal Rights for Everyone; Commercial Fishing Keweenaw Bay supplement 1985July/August
1985 February/March Mazina'igan: WDNR negotiations; Deer season; Fish assessments; St. Croix Tribe supplement 1985February/March
1985 April Mazina'igan: Raptor Banding; Nuke Waste Conference; Mole Lake Supplement1985April
1985 December Mazina'igan: DNR's Wonderland; Interview with Sharon Metz; Co./Tribal Committee; Nuke Waste Dump; U.S.-Canada Treaty; Special on GLIFWC Supplement1985December
1985 May Mazina'igan: NAFWS conference; WDNR: Spearing will never be acceptable; Fond du Lac supplement1985May
1985 November Mazina'igan: NCAI conference; 1985 Wisconsin Act (SB 88); Treaty rallies; Church leaders support treaties; Grand Portage supplement1985November
1985 September Mazina'igan: Grand Portage seeks treaty rights; Waterfowl agreement; GLIFWC annual conference Bad River special feature;1985September
1984 March Mazina'igan: Geego-Ikay1984March
1984 July Mazina'igan: VOIGT Decision; Waawaashkeshi and Manoomin Seasons; Treaty Rights Q&A; NCSIT; Tribal Fishing; GLIFWC Annual Conference; GLIFC and VOIGT Unite1984July
1984 December Mazina'igan: VOIGT Decision; Agreements; Ad HOC Commission Report; Tribal Fishery1984December
1984 July Mazina'igan: Geego-Ikay1984July
1983 December Mazina'igan: VOIGT Decision; Treaties; Waawaashkeshi1983December
1983 December Mazina'igan: Geego-Ikay1983December